5 Awesome Valentine's Day Ideas For Seniors

An estimated 11.3 million senior adults live alone in the United States. This number is only going to increase as baby boomers continue to age and move into retirement status.

Of more concern, though, is the prevalence of depression that increases with age. In 2008, studies revealed that 18 percent more people ages 85 and older experienced clinically relevant symptoms of depression than those in younger age groups.

We need to take care of our elderly.

Valentine's Day offers a wonderful opportunity to help combat the loneliness epidemic and to honor our most respectable citizens. Keep reading for Valentine's day ideas that will bless seniors.

Valentines Day Ideas for Seniors

Valentine's Day Ideas

Instead of sitting around thinking about how you're not scoring a diamond ring or any other fancy gift for Valentine's Day, redeem the day of love by visiting a senior citizen. You can do more than just send a Valentine. Time, gifts, activities, games, and outings all geared toward adults can make for some fun activities for Valentine's day.


Think about the senior citizens in your life, and buy a gift. It does not have to be fancy or expensive. Sometimes just a new warm pair of socks or a framed picture of that person with their loved ones can make a person smile.

Just think about the person you're gifting, and think about what makes that person happy. Then buy accordingly.


Do not just drop off a gift and run. Block off an afternoon, and spend time with a senior citizen on Valentine's Day. Time is the most valuable commodity to someone who is alone most of his or her day.

If you know this person had a love of their life, then talk about them. Allow your senior host to reminisce. Encourage them to pull out pictures, and then ask questions.

Sharing memories keep loved ones alive for lonely people. They stimulate some great feelings and conversations.


Take time to plan some Valentine's day activities for adults.

Visit a local senior center, and ask the activities director if you can host an activity.

Consider hosting a haiku writing workshop. Writing poetry strengthens intellectual and emotional skills, things that seniors see waning as they age. Haiku is three lines of unrhymed poetry with the following format:

Line 1 – 5 syllables

Line 2 – 7 syllables

Line 3 – 5 syllables

You can also break out your art skills by leading some Valentine crafts for senior citizens. Put together a workshop on hand-made Valentine's and Valentine's day boxes.


Put together some Valentine games for seniors. Valentine's day games for adults can mimic what you'd do with kids but with a focus on the people in the games.

For example, you can facilitate a "Name that Love Song" game with tunes no more recent than songs released in the 1970s.


Host and facilitate a senior citizen outing. Take your favorite senior citizen out for coffee or to a local museum or even to a concert. Many elderly people never leave home. Technology in our world has allowed us to live at home and have our necessities brought to us.

But seniors need to breach the walls, and Valentine's Day gives you the opportunity to help them break out and see people.

Love Your Senior

These great Valentine's Day ideas for seniors will help you honor the senior citizens in your life and make Valentine's day even more meaningful.

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