How to Have a Healthy Football Season

Top tips for seniors to have a healthy football season.

Football season is in full swing! You have to keep track of college football every Saturday and NFL football every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and soon... Saturday night as well.

It can be taxing, but you're prepared to fight through adversity and be there for your favorite franchises and fantasy teams!

Of course, no day of watching football is complete without people to share it with!

Whether you're having the entire family over or just a few pals, there will be a food spread ready to feed a king!

Here are tips on how to keep a healthy football season as you tailgate and cheer on your favorite teams.

1. Have Achievable Goals

The fact that the football season is in full swing also means that the fall season is upon us and the winter season is fast approaching. That, in turn, means the holiday season is coming as well.

Studies have shown that the average human gains anywhere between 7 to 10 pounds between the third week in November (Thanksgiving) and December 25th (Christmas).

It's like the old saying goes: When there's delicious food on the table, people will devour it!

If you're not careful, you'll become a victim of the holiday weight gain as well! That's why it's important to list of achievable goals for yourself before every football season.

However, you should also be honest with yourself. Don't set a goal of losing 50 pounds during the winter months that have proven to add 10 pounds to people. You'd just be torturing yourself.

Instead, give yourself some leeway to partake in the football festivities without going overboard. In short, have a goal of maintaining your current weight. Hold yourself accountable to the goals that you set. The following steps can be great ways of staying true to those goals.

2. Portion Every Plate

9 out of every 10 people will probably tell you that the best part of attending a football watch party and/or tailgate is the copious amounts of delicious food.

There's nothing wrong with having one of each food item there and drinking some cold beers to go with it. The problems arise when you have too much of either. How can you monitor your intake for the day?

One healthy practice is to always keep a plate in your hand. That may sound counterintuitive, but the plate serves as a visual reminder of how much food you've eaten.

Find the smallest plate you can at the party and portion everything out. Only allow so much of each item on it and then walk away from the food spread entirely.

Only eat what's on your plate, do not do the famous "grab a handful of chips" move, as that will quickly add up calories you aren't keeping track of. Limit yourself to a plate or two and eat the food at your leisure.

3. Mind Your Drinks

Depending on the person, you may be looking forward to having an atmosphere to hang out and have a few drinks while you watch.

If you still want to enjoy a beer or two, you absolutely can! Just try to be mindful of what you're drinking and how much it adds to your caloric intake.

For example, craft beers can be around 300 calories for each beer that you consume throughout the party... talk about a diet-buster. Rather, find some light beers (that list their calories) to bring to the party.

Even when you opt for the light beer, you still need to show moderation. If you buy beer that's 60 calories per bottle, but grab the 24-pack of it, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Just a reminder, the drinks certainly make for a fun time but they aren't the life of the party... you are! Gathering together for football Sunday is, first and foremost, a time to hang out with all of your friends and family members.

4. Provide the Healthy Option

Perhaps you attend football watch parties or tailgate parties that are thrown by someone who couldn't care less about the healthiness of what they cook.

They break out the 24-pound ribs, drown them in barbecue sauce, and kick back sodas like it's water.

You may think to yourself I can't be healthy at *party host's name here* party, there isn't a healthy option anywhere... If that sounds like you, then be "that guy" or "that girl" and bring the healthy option(s) with you! You may be surprised to find out that other party guests were waiting for someone like you to take initiative all along.

In fact, you may start a trend amongst the weekly football parties... wouldn't that be something? Bringing a healthy option, such as a veggie tray, will help balance out your intake as much as possible. It's the "X-factor" in any season football watcher's playbook!

5. Use Halftime to Your Advantage

Halftime shows aren't what they used to be. They're 15-20 minutes that consist of 75-percent commercials, 20-percent pointless host commentating, and 5-percent of the highlights you're actually watching it for.

In this day and age, you have all the highlights of each game on your phone. That means there's no point in watching the halftime show at all.

Instead, get yourself up and moving. Walk around, socialize, take a walk around the block, do some push-ups, etc. Getting the blood pumping will help your body stay as active as possible while you sit for 6-7 hours watching football.

Have a Healthy Football Season to Remember!

Regardless of whether your favorite college and NFL teams win the championship, you'll look back on the season with a smile knowing you had a healthy football season.

Sometimes you or your loved ones need a bit more assistance in keeping football Sunday, and other days like it, as healthy as possible.

Be sure to read this article on staying safe on technology for seniors. That way you'll know what to look out for as you check those fantasy scores on different devices.

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