How Caregivers and Family Members Can Engage Seniors?

Live your best life - no matter what the age!

One of the great things about home care service is that it often empowers people to live more active lives. In fact, this is a major reason many reluctant seniors ultimately embrace the idea after initial reservations. While aging folks vary in terms of physical and cognitive abilities, most can enjoy some form of beneficial social engagement.

Here are great senior-friendly activities to get things started.

Museums, Concerts & Cultural Activities

Many seniors are limited physically but cognitively alert. Cultural-enrichment activities are great ways to get “Mom” out of the house, because they’re mentally stimulating and physically accessible. Most museums, concert halls and other such venues have wheelchair ramps and amenities to assist the disabled.

Senior Fitness Programs

While some people still picture youthful weight lifters when the topic of fitness is brought up, exercise programs have evolved dramatically in the past decade. Many fitness companies cater to folks of all ages and abilities. In fact, some personal trainers actually specialize in assisting senior clients!

Community Centers

Bingo may still be the game of choice for many senior centers, but activity options are evolving. Many now offer painting classes, musical lessons and intellectual pursuits to stimulate mind and body. More importantly, community centers—as the name implies—provide community!

Volunteering, Charities & Social Causes

As people age, many begin looking for purpose in life. After all, the kids are grown-up, and the daily routine can become a bit static. Some seniors develop a new-found interest in volunteering, charity and social causes.

Most charitable groups and nonprofits are more than happy to accept additional help. Older adults have the time to invest, and organizations need extra hands. Even folks with ailing health can provide tremendous value through decades of life experience!

Dining, Hobbies & Special Interests

Anyone who’s ever stumbled upon an older parent’s long-lost belongings is usually surprised by what they discover. One daughter is shocked to learn that her father flew helicopters in the 1970s, while another never knew her mom spent a short time as a Coca Cola model! The point is that all people, regardless of age, have unique interests.

Folks sometimes lose track of hobbies during the course of life, but a person’s “golden years” often present a great opportunity to rekindle those interests. Many older men (and women) enjoy classic car clubs that host monthly breakfasts and periodic “meets.” Some seniors are avid readers and may consider joining a book club. Even fine dining can become a passion when done in the company of other “foodies.”

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s important to respect the wishes of aging adults, and seniors shouldn’t be forced into doing activities against their will. However, family members can encourage healthy activities for their loved ones. There are many options for folks of all abilities, and the mental and physical benefits are significant!

If you’re seeking caregiver services for a loved-one in Kern County, be sure to contact the region’s best home care agency today!

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