Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Back-To-School Season May be a Good Time to Think about Getting “Mom” a Professional Caregiver—Here’s Why.

With school in full swing, here's why you should consider Lifestyle Home Care.

Summer seems to fly by so quickly! Many parents have found that their children are already back in school, and the lazy days are over. Fall can be busy for all families, but this is especially true for the adult children of aging parents.

These folks are part of the so-called “Sandwich Generation.” Their children still live at home, but they’re also caring for elderly parents. With all of the stresses that come with so much responsibility, many are reaching-out to professional caregiver services.

Consider the many ways home care can benefit elderly parents and the families who love them.


Seniors often cherish summer, since they get to spend extra time with their grandchildren. With “Mom and Dad” at work, some families leave the kids with grandparents. These moments can prove a real treat for everyone.

However, older family members often feel lonely once school is back in session. They’re no longer spending so much time with the grandkids or other family members. Even their adult children are back at work and transitioning toward a busier lifestyle.

Back-to-school season is a great time to finally make the move on securing home care services for aging parents. They’ll not only benefit from the extra security and help with activities of daily living (ADLs), but they’ll likely appreciate the companionship during a potentially-lonely part of the year.

Family Respite

Many families get very busy during the fall. Between school, sports and work, people are pulled in several directions. And there are only so many hours in the day. When combined with the extra responsibility of caring for aging parents, families can feel overwhelmed.

Professional caregiver services provide "respite” for families that need a break. A mother need not feel guilty by leaving her aging parent home alone while attending her son’s soccer game. Similarly, the family can leave town, if needed, and not worry about “Dad’s” safety.

Approaching Holidays

As busy as fall can be, the Holiday Season is usually even crazier. Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays are right around the corner and always seem to arrive sooner than expected! Some families find they desperately need professional home care during those busy months, but they often react too late.

Back-to-school season is a good time to get caregiver services in place prior to the Holiday rush. Schedules aren’t quite so busy yet, so everyone has time to get acclimated. Once the Holidays arrive, “Mom” or “Dad” will already have a familiar caregiver ready to assist as needed.


In the end, members of the “Sandwich Generation” do bear much responsibility. However, they should know there are available resources to help. Professional caregiver services can reduce stress for everyone while adding safety and companionship for aging family members.

A reputable home care agency will provide flexible options to suit a variety of needs and budgets. It will also handle all of the “heavy lifting” by performing background checks, verifying professional references and providing general caregiver screening services.

If you’re seeking professional home care services for a loved one, be sure to talk to Kern County’s best caregiver agency today!

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