9 Critical Ways Home Care Services Assist Seniors and Their Families

One of the great things about professional caregiver service is that the benefits are multi-faceted. Some people mistakenly view home care as “babysitting” for seniors. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Caregivers benefit seniors and their families in many capacities. Here are 9 critical ways home care helps:

1) Ensures Medication Adherence – Home care aides remind clients to take their medications on time and as prescribed. Medication adherence is widely-regarded as one of the most critical components of disease management and prevention of medical emergencies.

2) Improves Diet & Eating Habits – Many seniors suffer from poor nutrition due to their limited mobility and home-bound lifestyles. It’s hard to eat right when getting groceries is a chore and cooking is physically impossible. Caregivers help to improve diet through meal preparation, and they also ensure that disease-specific diets are kept!

3) Mitigates Risk of Medical Episodes & Hospitalization – Caregivers can also help to prevent medical episodes and hospitalization. Seniors who live alone are at far greater risk of dangerous falls. Moreover, they may not be able to alert paramedics or family during emergencies.

4) Provides Peace-of-Mind – Some folks forget that home care service provides peace-of-mind for both clients and their loved-ones. “Mom” may not admit it, but she’s likely afraid of having a fall or medical emergency while home alone. A professional caregiver can help to ease her mind while also reducing the family’s stress.

5) Empowers Clients – Appropriate physical and mental activities are shown to improve the health of seniors. However, many older folks are home-bound due to mobility and cognitive limitations. A trustworthy caregiver can help to liberate clients by getting them out of the house and engaged.

6) Affords Family Respite – Adult children often serve as caregivers for aging parents. While it’s great for family members to care for their loved-ones, it can also be burdensome. Professional caregivers can help to ease the workload, even if just as secondary resources or “respite.”

7) Facilitates Better Communication – Families aren’t always up to speed on their loved-ones’ most recent diagnoses and care plans. Moreover, many seniors suffer from cognitive disabilities that inhibit their ability to follow doctor recommendations. Professional caregivers who escort clients to medical appointments can help to communicate directives and keep everyone on task.

8) Improves Client-Family Relationships – Many aspects of caregiving are quite personal. Some families find that the necessary tasks create interpersonal conflict. Honest people can concede that it’s not always optimal for an adult child to change his father’s soiled clothing or for a daughter to “force” her cognitively-impaired mother to eat lunch.

9) Provides Flexibility & Travel Options – Even if a family provides the majority of care for an aging loved-on, there are still times when it’s beneficial to have professional home care as a back up. Travel and special events prove particularly challenging for family caregivers. However, agency services can supplement a senior’s care as needed.

Ultimately, families must choose which caregiver solution works best for their needs. Some may opt to care for loved-ones on their own, but a home care agency can still serve as a supplement. Others may decide that professional caregiver services are needed as a primary resource. Either way, it’s important for families to know that help is available, and they’re not alone!

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