7 Great Reasons to Work as an In-Home Caregiver

Becoming a in-home caregiver has many rewards. Read on to learn more.

Great news! The job market is hot in Bakersfield, and people looking for work can usually find it. But, with so many opportunities, now may be the time to really focus on finding a position that’s more than just a paycheck.

There are ways to earn money that are both practical and rewarding. Working as a home care agency “caregiver” for seniors and people in need of assistance is one such option.

Here are 7 great reasons caregiving may be right for you:

1) Flexibility – Did you know that professional caregivers enjoy tremendous flexibility? Home care agencies ask workers about their availability and then keep them in mind for appropriate shifts. Whether you want to work one day per week or six days, there’s probably an assignment that fits your schedule.

2) Pay & Overtime – Professional caregivers are protected by California labor laws that mandate break periods and overtime pay. Workers employed by licensed home care agencies are guaranteed pay for every hour worked. In-home care providers are even afforded overtime for nationally-recognized holidays!

3) Stability – Home care services are in high demand, which means that there’s almost always work available for professional caregivers. Some jobs are seasonal or based on trends. But, in-home care positions will be available for decades to come.

4) Career Growth – Did you know that many nurses, therapists and clinicians started their careers as professional caregivers? In fact, some of them even worked in caregiving while attending nursing school. Home care jobs provide a source of income and additional hands-on training for people looking to make a career in healthcare!

5) Passion – Many people possess passions and personal interests, but few successfully bridge those with employment. Professional caregivers are fortunate in that most have a “calling” for their line of work. If you feel a deep desire to help others and have a heart for older adults, in-home care is the job for you!

6) Relationships – Professional caregivers often form very strong relationships with their clients. Sometimes the work lasts for months or years on end. If you’re a family-oriented person who values human connection, you’ll likely cherish the relationships developed during caregiver work.

7) Engaging Work – Some jobs are repetitive and seem to mirror the movie, “Groundhog Day.” Caregiving is NOT one of these! There’s never a dull moment when attending to the well-being of a senior or person in need. You may help with personal care and cooking on one day and take your client to a social engagement the next.

Ultimately, professional caregiving is a serious job that requires the right type of person. It’s more than just “clocking-in” and waiting for the day to end. But, if you’re truly passionate about helping others, home care work is very fulfilling. What’s better than earning money while making a difference in people’s lives?

If you’re interested in caregiver opportunities, make sure you apply to Bakersfield’s top home care agency today!

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