4 Creative Ways to Get the Most Value Out of Home Care Service

Many people view professional home care services as a necessity for keeping seniors safe and comfortable in their homes. While that certainly is a primary caregiver function, there are many other ways that in-home care can aid seniors and their families. Clients should remember that home care agencies see them as “customers” and want to ensure they get real value out of the arrangement.

Here are 4 great ways to maximize professional home care:

1) Be Creative in Thinking about Caregiver Duties – Professional home care aides can provide a variety of services beyond assistance with showers, dressing and mobility. For example, most can also assist with light housekeeping, cooking and even shopping. Clients who employ housekeepers may consider consolidating the service into their home care offering—especially since it’s all included for the same rate!

Many clients also fail to get the full value of caregiver companionship. While the relationship between client and aide is professional, healthy friendships can still form. Families should chat with their caregivers to see if they have shared interests. Perhaps the client and her aide can engage in joint activities such as reading, scrapbooking, painting or even walks and outside activities!

2) Medication Reminders & Compliance – Professional caregivers aren’t legally permitted to “administer” medications in the state of California. That task must be left to the client, family or licensed nurses. However, home care aides can assist with “medication reminders.”

Medication reminders can help ensure client adherence to the dosing and schedule recommendations, which studies show is critically-important to a person’s health and disease management. In fact, medication non-compliance is a major contributor to medical emergencies and preventable hospitalization.

3) Respite for Family Caregivers – Some families leverage professional home care services in conjunction with family caregiver assistance. There’s nothing wrong with this hybrid model of care, and it can work very well while mitigating costs! However, it’s important to remember that family caregivers need a break sometimes.

Clients and families should know that their home care agency can provide supplemental caregiver services for times when the family just needs some rest. Even if the primary caregiver isn’t available, a professional home care agency can quickly move to secure another resource.

4) Vacations and Other Events – Families might also consider utilizing professional caregiver services in order to free-up time for vacations and other special events. Perhaps a child is graduating from high school, and the family would like to celebrate with a weekend trip to the coast. One quick call to the home care agency can quickly lock-in care for the spontaneous celebration!

Ultimately, it’s important to know that home care agencies provide a concierge offering and really want their clients to get the most out of the services. People who appreciate the peace-of-mind provided by professional caregiving find creative ways to use it to the fullest. In fact, reliability, responsiveness and abundance of qualified caregivers are why many folks prefer home care agencies over hiring privately in the first place!

If you or a loved-one needs extra assistance around the house, be sure to call Bakersfield’s best senior care company today!


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