Why Should You Should Use a Home Care Agency? Here Are 3 Reasons.

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So, you’ve finally had the long-feared talk with mom or dad about housing options that facilitate a healthy and safe environment conducive to aging. It went smoother than anticipated, which proved a welcome relief! However, the verdict of staying at home (or “aging in place” as it’s often referred to in the senior care industry) raises new questions.

The good news is that modern healthcare services allow most people to comfortably remain in their homes. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges.

Here are reasons why you should embrace the help of a licensed home care agency:

“Medical Care” Isn’t Enough

Many people think of healthcare in terms of doctors’ visits, treatments and hospitalizations. However, those are usually “reactive” solutions. Preventative care, on the other hand, attempts to preempt the onset of disease and medical emergency situations. This is one way a home care agency assists.

A professional caregiver helps to ensure general “compliance” with prescribed care plans. Aspects of patient compliance vary, but common priorities include medication adherence, diet and exercise. Your loved-one’s caregiver can assist in achieving all of these objectives.

Rest easy knowing that dad is, in fact, taking his heart medication regularly. Stock mom’s refrigerator with diabetic-friendly foods and have confidence that she will eat those instead of cookies. You and your caregiver “teammate” are both working toward the same goal!


I’m sure most of us would love to spend more time with our parents and aging relatives. But, the reality is that we have our own responsibilities and demands. Professional caregivers aren’t a substitute for family, but they do help supplement care and companionship.

Most qualified caregivers are devoted to their clients and genuinely care about their well-being. Mom may insist she’s okay after dad’s recent passing, but it could have affected her more than you realize. Dad tells you he gets out of the house every day and doesn’t feel lonely, but is that just pride speaking? Professional caregivers encourage activity and often times become true friends.


Have you ever accompanied a family member to a medical appointment only to answer the doctor’s questions yourself? If so, there’s a good chance you weren’t confident in some of your answers. Has dad suffered any “dizzy spells” since the last visit? Does he still get out-of-breath climbing the stairs?

Just as professional caregivers help to ensure compliance with treatment plans so too do they act as objective “reporters.” Mom or dad may have trouble answering health-related questions due to memory challenges. And, if you’re at work during the day, there’s no way for you to know the answers either. Home care agency caregivers can accurately document symptoms, activities and medication adherence for future reporting to treating physicians.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, aging-in-place isn’t a perfect science. But, a little bit of teamwork helps seniors to remain comfortably at home. While family members and doctors are critical elements to the team, don’t forget to include the aid of professional caregiver services.

If you’re seeking home care services for a senior or loved-one, be sure to contact Bakersfield’s best agency today!


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